The #1 thing to do before you LOOK AT HOMES


So, why do we as Realtors constantly hound our buyers to talk to a lender FIRST, before looking at any homes?

Its not what you think-- we are actually looking out for your best interests!  Getting your preapproval in place puts you ahead of the game.  There are no surprises, you know what kind of loan you qualify for, the interest rate you will pay, an estimate of what your monthly payment will be, and how much you will need to put down at closing---and that ensures you are within your budget and not wasting time looking at homes that really don't meet your needs or wants.

Plus, showing a seller your preapproval with your offer shows you have already been vetted by a licensed lender and you are ready, able and willing to buy their home.  This saves both you and the seller time.  Without talking to a lender first, it could add on an additional time to close...and the average loan process already takes 30-45 days after an accepted offer to close.  Who wants to add on another 1-2 weeks to that?  

Experience counts-- who you work with matters.  If you are ready or thinking of buying a home, let me help guide you.  I have solid relationships with many qualified and experienced licensed lenders in Northwest Indiana that can match you to a loan that fits your needs.  Let my 15+ years of experience in real estate do the heavy lifting, call me today. 219-201-8907.