The Decision To Paint: Why & What Works?


If you are thinking of selling your home, one of the biggest decisions is if you should paint your interior.  Everyone has their own tastes, but more often than not we want our home in its most presentable condition when selling.  We want it to look clean, modern, appealing to the masses, and we want to cover up all the marks on the wall through the years.  We also, deep down, may regret a color we picked years ago and never truly liked how it turned out.

The decision to paint or not to paint isn't always easy.  On one hand, it will cost money.  Even if you feel you are a pro at painting and can handle the job on your own, it needs to look neat and clean.  Paint still costs money, along with masking or painters tape and dropcloths.  Time is also valuable.  On the other hand, if you decide certain rooms need a fresh coat of paint, the harder task is picking a color to appeal to the most buyers.

Color is trendy. Color is also personal and sets a tone for each room, too.  A lighter shade can open a room, while a darker tone might promote its size (ie a small room might appear smaller). 

Neutral colors that tend to match what most people already have furniture-wise really does make a difference.  Potential buyers will notice what matches and think about their current items and how it will look in the space.   On trend colors currently are the "greige" tones, light greys, eggshell, and light beige.  White trim (although not necessary) and white ceilings still are fashionable and help frame and make a room look larger and brighter, which can be great if you have a lack of windows or natural light.

I always suggest picking a color in one of the grey or beige shades that is on the lighter side.  In fact, pick a color and then go one shade lighter.