Ways to Help Others in Northwest Indiana


 November thru January seems to be the time of year we want to help others the most.  Maybe its the reason for the season, maybe its thinking about getting in a last minute tax deduction, or even earning some karma points before St Nick visits...whatever YOUR reason, I wanted to share some great places that can use your donations ANY TIME of YEAR.


St Jude House/ Crown Point

Sojourner Truth House in Gary

Food Bank of Northwest Indiana

Food Bank of NWI find help or find a pantry

Humane Society Northwest Indiana

Lake County Animal Control/Adoption Center

Porter County Animal Shelter Wish List

Boys and Girls Club Lake County

Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana

Mental Floss Article- Ways to help Donate

Sure, right now we have historically low unemployment rates, but that doesn't mean people are still not struggling.  There might be households in your neighborhood and around Northwest Indiana where its tough to still make ends meet, and sometimes that means not a lot of everyday essentials some of us might take for granted. 

My dear friend, India, shared with me about how great the Sojourner Truth House in Gary is, and what they do.  They can always use personal hygiene items any time of year.  Now, I tend to buy extra deodorants, shampoos, and toothpaste when they go on sale, especially during the Meijer 10 for $10 sales (they happen about once a month!).  

If you are going through your kitchen cabinets and pantry, organizing and cleaning out items you won't use or are coming close to expiration, please consider donating those dry non-perishable items to a local food pantry.  I personally am doing that clean out this week, preparing for what I need for the upcoming holiday meals.  Call your local church or place of worship to see if they can collect those food items or know of a place to drop off (or click on the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana link below). By donating a few boxes of cereal, instant potatoes, hamburger helper, or cans of vegetables, that can be a few less items that someone struggling has to pay for.  Instead, that money they do have for groceries can mean more meat, produce, or dairy, which can tend to be a bit more expensive.  Every bit helps those in need.

Even gently used items you might consider throwing out could come to use.  The animal shelters (links below) love receiving old blankets, sheets, and towels to clean up messes and keep the animals warm and dry while they are waiting for their new forever homes.  Of course, all of these great organizations are always looking for gift cards, monetary donations and even your time to volunteer. 

I hope you consider helping when and where you can, with an organization you feel drawn to-- Northwest Indiana is a great place to live and thrive, but it is also a great place to show how human and kind we are!

Thank you,